All Buttoned Up

Today I had off from work and spent the day shopping at Barnes and Noble. And what does a proper nerd wear to the mothership? This, apparently:


This look could be titled ‘Tough Mormon’ or ‘Librarian Goes Rouge.’ I got this peach button down crop top at Forever 21. The material is so lightweight and perfect for it being hot out. The cut of the shirt is interesting, as the width of the shirt is super drawn out.


I’m wearing the same JLo jeans from the other day [shh, don’t tell], and to toughen things up, I added my trusty Doc Martens. I remember when I bought these in college, walked around campus and thought I was going to die with how blistered my feet felt. Now they feel like slippers! I always love walking around my South Florida town with these bad boys on so that townsfolk can stare at me and wonder, “Is she visiting from Norway?” “Is she in a band?”


Since it was the beginning of my weekend, the only accessory I wore was my makeup free face. #holla

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