Aren’t You Plaid I’m back?

Depending on how this pun reads, you’re either glad or sad I’ve resurfaced. Most likely though, you are indifferent. That’s alright! Because today I’m wearing plaid pants.


I wore this fun outfit to work today, and it helped in every way. It was a crazy busy and stressful day, and I dropped the ball a couple times. But alas, my pants helped make me feel better. Funny how that works.

These plaid babies were given to me by a coworker’s sister. She’s given me about 4 bags of “grown up clothes” and I wouldn’t be able to dress for work if it weren’t for her. These are the brand Attyre New York. I’ve never heard of them, but they must be fancy because they sewed the pockets on these pants. There’s nothing more satisfying than ripping open sewn shut pockets. They have very stretchy material and are cropped, giving you the option to flash a little leg hair.


The button down is from Forever 21. And so are these shoes! I love them. I feel both childish and elderly in them. That’s pretty much the feeling I go for –in fashion and in life. Mules and slides are all the rage now, but I feel like they’re definitely 2000’s inspired. I played “Genie in a Bottle” a couple times on my way home from work.

That’s all I’ve got for you today, got to go drink a pint and sing a limerick [aren’t you plaid I know how to stereotype?].

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