Lady in Red

Today was my last work day before I took time off for my birthday! I had to go all out, and boy did I get some compliments. I couldn’t tell if it was because red is just so powerful, or my cleavage was showing a little, but man! People at work loved this look.


I got this shirt from, yupp, you guessed it: Forever 21. And I just got a $50 gift card, so you’ll definitely be seeing even more from the fast fashion franchise. I really wanted to bring more red into my wardrobe because it’s one of those colors I always admire and appreciate from afar. It’s turning out to be a good choice. This blouse has hanging ties which make everything much cooler, and some frilly sleeves. I’m not usually one for showing too much arm, but this was such a fun and flirty way to do it.

The pants are by my elusive donor, whom I’ve spoken of here and here. The brand is 89th and Madison, and they seem nice, especially for not having had to pay for them. They’re SUPER black, which is awesome, because so often black pants end up fading over time, but not these bad boys!


I wore my red kitten heeled mules to be extra. I’m not usually one for matchy matchy, but my lord, I was just rolling in all the compliments today, so maybe that’s the way to go! I kept telling people this was “My pre-birthday birthday outfit.” And then I did one of those foot pop things. What’s that you ask? Am I turning 9? Maybe, maybe.

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