Gemini Season

Sup peeps!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I mostly lounged around in sweats and pj’s…. so it was obviously great! Today I’m not up to much more except for watching reruns of Sex and the City. This morning I ran out to Starbucks and had to fill up on gas, so I channeled my inner Carrie Bradshaw and threw this on:


This is a dress I got from Forever 21. It was on sale, I’m sure because the lining of the dress was separated at some point. But I saw so much potential, because this meant I could layer this dress in so many ways! This morning I did a great mix of chill and girly by taking what I was lounging in [sports bra and bike shorts] and just slipping this frilly thing on top.


Even though I was in a dress, I felt super comfortable and chill. Likewise, even though my outfit underneath was semi-inappropriate or just plain lazy, I felt like a productive human because I was wearing a dress. Win win. Plus the sheerness of this outfit made me feel a lil sexay even though a 9 year old child might wear this same exact dress to church. It was a perfect outfit for a Gemini birthday girl, being simultaneously risque and innocent, and both homely and glam. I’ve never worn a better outfit to fill my car up with gas. Also the 89 year old marine veteran in the next lane sure got a kick out of it.


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