Summa Time, Summa Time

Today has been filled with errands and outside stuff. I walked my adopted mom’s dog a few times, got an oil change, and replaced my battery. With it being 90 degrees here, I knew I’d been sweating my lil tooshy off, so I broke out some summer shorts.


These baby’s are Levi’s that I got at T.J. Maxx a few years ago. It’s crazy because when I bought these they were waaaay too big for me, I used them as boyfriend shorts pretty much, and now they fit just right. At least I didn’t have to buy a new pair, am I right? These are my favorite jean shorts because they’re not too revealing, they’re semi-high wasted so they make every outfit look great, and they’re somewhat distressed which makes me feel bad ass.


For my top, I chose an airy white button down. I wore a black bra underneath to keep things spicy, and undid some of the bottom buttons for optimal air flow. I got this shirt at Forver 21 a few weeks ago, and it’s shrunk significantly, so we’ll see how long this will last. A white button top will get you far though, for work play, and chill times.


For shoes I wore some rose gold braided filp flops from Charlotte Russe. They don’t last very long, but THEY’RE FIVE DOLLARS and I always end up stepping in puddles or going to the beach in them, and I wouldn’t want to ruin nicer flip flops that way.

Overall, I just love this look because it’s classic. I feel girly, but I was still able to run around with the dog. I felt like summer today ❤

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