Is it still Easter?

Today I wore a new top that my lover’s mom got me for my birthday. I believe she bought this eyelet-like top at T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s, but the brand is Caution to the Wind. Which is exactly how I would have felt had I not been wearing a tank top underneath. I wore a white tank from Costco [lol] and….


White pants! I have wanted white pants for as long as my lil Floridian heart has been beating. I’ve never been mistaken as girly or preppy, and most of my colored jeans have been purple, red, green, or plaid, but there’s something so classic about a pair of white jeans. I got these from my coworker’s sister, and they’re the brand Elle. You know, like the magazine.


I wore this with a small grey cardigan because I was feeling churchy. I love the way the eyelet top  peeks out from under the cardi in the back, it’s adds a little texture. I also wore my trusty rose gold flip flops from Charlotte Russe.

Even though I literally just said I do not classify myself as girly, I really did feel girly in this outfit and it felt kinda….. nice? Now I know what you’re thinking. Ummmm, you own and wear a pair of red suede bow tie muled kitten heels [and more so, you know what each of those classifiers mean], what B.S. are you telling us about not being girly?? OKOKOK, I like clothes and bows and DAMNIT KITTEN HEELS ARE CUTE. But I feel like I always wear these clothes with a little bit of edge or masculinity to them. But this outfit truly made me feel like a femme-bot. Not sure what that exactly means but it felt right.

Also, shout out to me not sitting in ketchup or dog poop today 👏

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